FireFly ESV

The FireFly ESV is an all-electric light weight commercial utility vehicle specifically designed to meet the requirements of essential services users.

Built with performance and  versatility in mind, the FireFly is street legal, highway capable. It also goes farther on a charge, carries a bigger payload than the competition, and can be customized to meet the requirements of almost any task that needs doing. For a number of applications, we have designed purpose-built accessory options, with specialized equipment such as factory approved License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems and custom emergency light packages available. And FireFly’s modular bed can be configured to fit your needs including an electronic lift dump, first responder inserts, lockable storage and ladder racks, or a refuse collection bed. All of these options and more are possible – your requirements are our only limit!

Ev Transportation Services

Goes Farther, Gets There Faster Carries a Bigger Payload


The FireFly ESV is ideal for many essential services applications