Poachers in the Field of Chargers

Today's world is ripe with the opportunity to get ripped off.

There is a substantial amount of money being hidden away in government incentives and mandates. These incentives can include tax abatements, tax revenue sharing, grants, infrastructure assistance, no or low-interest financing, free land, tax credits and other financial resources. There is debate over which entities are entitled to this “bounty.” End user? Sales Company? Charger Manufacturer?

I am not just talking “small” money… Incentives are often calculated per charge station, per day, for years!!! End users might sign away their rights to incentives just to get the lower “up-front price” for their projects. Who has time to read the plethora of government conditions to understand what they’re signing away?

What government, municipal, or even private company is hiring a comparative fact checker? Whose job is to find the real value?

 We Have The Perfect Storm:

New government mandates are pushing electric transportation along much faster than its natural evolution. There are too many chefs wanting to “stir the pot” so they get the “grocery money” from Uncle Sam. There is a lot of misinformation from companies that are not benefitting from electric power. These companies will minimize the money being offered.

There are new manufacturers arriving daily claiming to have the “newest, cheapest, and greatest” charger stations yet. However, I believe that charge stations have their own badges of honor: least expensive, quieter, easier to install, availability, most reliable, fastest road hour per minute of charge, and so much more. To find the right charger for your project is a book that has to be read in full, not judged by the eye-catching front cover…

There is a huge demand for “book smart labor”

American Vet Works

We will analyze government incentives so your facility gets all money its entitled to

If you don’t have the employees to help you get the best value out of the charging stations, you can for your electric vehicle project – DO NOT DEPEND ON ONE VENDOR! There is an economy of employees who want to work from home and do not want to go on the road installing charge stations. However, there is also a huge demand for “skilled” laborers in the electric field… This makes the climate ripe for over charging, or under-providing, professional services.

Every charge station company is trained to convince you that they are at the top of their field. However, once again, whats best for your project and what makes sense for your environment is more important to a flashy sales pitch. You can buy Coca Cola for your crowd because it’s the number one brand (today). You might even be willing to pay more for the Coke over Pepsi or RC Cola. But, what if your crowd was expecting Cheer Wine or just a bottle of water? You don’t look so smart paying the extra price for the Coca Cola or giving your towns rights to incentives away to get the Coca Cola for a reasonable cost. It might take a second to click, but there is a reason that there are dozens of soda choices… The same holds true for charging stations.

Right now, we can consider the the field of charging stations similar to the Wild Wild West. They are all over the place, and they will use companies that examine your projects, options and objectives WITHOUT THE DESIRE TO SELL ONLY ONE BRAND. At American Vet Works we will make 2-10 charging companies tell us why their brand is right for you – SPECIFICALLY YOUR PROJECT.

Three years from now, no one will remember how NEW this industry was. A lot of procurement officers will be blamed for making poor choices when that ability to keep up with constantly changing incentives, mandates. and products is like an electric storm right now.



American Vet Works is here to research your needs and analyze your funding free of charge.  Get the most for your government rebates and mandates by using the appropriate products.

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